At Jacobs Cooling you can rent cold storage space our cooling cells. The cooling is done with a CO₂ environment-friendly system and goes to -5°C. Humidification of the cooling rooms is also possible. Storage can be daily, weekly, monthly…


  • We have 34,000m3 of space to store refrigerated goods, such as fruit, beverages or food products.
  • In the cooling cells there is room for 30 to 360 pallets. Per cell, the desired temperature can be set.
  • Our cells can be set to temperatures of -5°C to + 20°C.
  • In addition to pallets, we can also keep roller containers, pallet boxes and various other storage variants.

Technical info

  • Capacity: 60 cooling rooms of 500m³ to 600m³
  • Ground area: 75m² to 85m² per unit
  • Temperature: from -5°C to +20°C
  • ULO refrigerators in which fruit can be stored up to 12 months

We help nature with CO₂ (carbon dioxide) cooling

Cooling with natural refrigerants is not new.
In the last century and even the century before, natural refrigerants were used: air, ammonia, carbon dioxide, propane and other refrigerants.
Cooling with CO₂ is fully back in the interest today. It is a green alternative to classic refrigerants.

Advantages of CO₂ cooling

  • The most economical and ecological solution
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Works perfectly in combination with heat recovery
  • One of the cheapest in the market: low maintenance costs due to favorable legislation regarding leakage control
  • Not toxic or flammable
  • Easy installation
  • Not harmful to the ozone layer
  • 1 refrigerant for all freezers and refrigeration applications

Air humidification

By means of ultrasonic mist, droplets of less than 0.005 mm are sprayed into the air stream. They are almost immediately absorbed by the air.
The fine drops also ensure that there is no moisture deposit on the product.
This humidification system can be used at very low temperatures.

Due to the compulsory use of osmosis water, all dirt and bacteria are removed from the water for 99%.

Power failure system

Our installation is equipped to switch to emergency power within 12 hours.

In this way we can ensure that your goods are permanently stored at the correct temperature.